FAQ Tenants

Frequently asked questions and answers France Room facilitates your access to housing. You will find in our accommodations, the answer to your research, in terms of rental period, rental project… Our unpaid rent insurance and damage insurance will guarantee you a serenity throughout your stay at mov. FRANCE ROOM offers you a world of security for your rental. In addition to the preliminary verification of the accommodations that we offer with a quality control checklist, we offer an unpaid rent insurance and a damage insurance to guarantee the safety of your stay.

Our priority is to meet the demands of our tenants. The homes we offer are in line with the demand of our tenants or the market, in terms of equipment, furnishings, location, etc. Our accommodations meet the criteria of decency defined by the legislation in force.

We will provide you with the contact information of our local representative as soon as your file is validated. If you need to, you can contact him. If you have any questions, you can also contact our teams at the head office at +33 9 80 80 83 86

Yes, in furnished rental, the tenant’s notice period is one month from the date of receipt of the registered letter by the landlord. It is therefore important to send the letter of notice in advance so that the desired exit date is respected.

Our transactions go through secure sites and servers via encryption of your bank details. You can pay by credit card or bank transfer.