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Your high-yield rental specialist

move. by France Room is a brand of France Room, a registered trademark, specialist in high-yield rental management, via short-term rental such as Airbnb, medium-term rental such as mobility lease, and shared accommodation or koliving.


"Building prisons is undoubtedly necessary, but building housing by rethinking inside the housing estates everything that makes for social cohesion is more urgent.”

L'Abbée Pierre.

Our management solutions are all-in-one.

To meet the strong demand for medium-term rentals, since the COVID crisis, we have launched move. our brand specializing in monthly rentals, mainly via the mobility lease. Rental from 1 to 10 months maximum for the same tenant.

move. by France Room meets the need for profitability of owners who cannot rent for a short term. Monthly rental is a very profitable and efficient alternative.

We are remunerated by a commission taken from the amount of the rent.